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For this assignment provide feedback in your own 220 words Please respond to the following:

The ways of salvation and liberation have four different methods. The methods include: 1. The way of Grace through Faith 2. The Way of Devotion 3. The way of Action and Obligation and 4. The way of Meditation and Philosophical Insight. The way of Grace through Faith is found within Protestant Christianity and Amida Buddhism. This method is salvation by divine grace through faith along and inescapable bondage to sin or ego. The way of devotion is found within Christian Pentecostalism and Islamic Sufism. This method is through devotional mysticism and salvation through the emotional experience of a personal encounter with the divine. The way of action and obligation is found in Orthodox Hinduism, Orthodox Judaism, and Islam. This method has the most popular way to salvation and liberation with practical, nondramatic, patterned, institutional, and traditional characters. The way of meditation and philosophical insight is often found in Hinduism, and Theravada Buddhism. This method has spiritual freedom and release through the cultivation of the mind by meditation and concentration.

In Thervada Buddhism (Nirvana) is focused on having absolute truth and unconditioned. They want extinction of the the finite and ego-consciousness. Nirvana is the stable, the blissful, and the security, and the refuge. After death, they want to be freed from the round of samsara and to be fully extinct. They are also to join or be one to the infinite super amundane reality.

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