Argue on the why prostitution legalization will have a positive impact to the society

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10 Pages single spaced with a table of contents

I hope the topic is whether prostitution should be legal or not, it should have the best ten resources, in MLA format.Other aspects can be seen in the PDF I uploaded. “Whether prostitution should be legalized has always been a controversial issue, which has different effects on society, economy and culture. Many feminists do not agree to legalize prostitution, but I think it should be legalized under the supervision of the government.firstly, it does push the economy. Second, it is a good way to protect people who are a sex worker. third, it will improve social security. Finally, when the government control the prostitution it will not produce some negative infect. and counter-argument. When prostitution is legalized, the latter will become a normal profession, which will have a positive impact on all aspects of society to a large extent” This is a basic abstract. u may use it.

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