Customer Satisfaction and Product Promise Guarantee

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1,000-1,500 words

Develop your Customer Satisfaction and Product Guarantee Plan for the product that you selected in Phase 1 American Eagle Outfitters.

Research several customer service policies of your brand’s competitors. Research and create 10–15 rules of customer satisfaction for your brand ( include this in Section I of your writing) Continue to add supporting details, information, and research to the following sections of your plan:

Section I: Company and Brand Information

Section II: Product Pitch Script

  • This section will optimize the perfect pitch for selling your brand.
  • It includes features and benefits of the product.

Section III: Cross-Selling and Promotional Opportunities

  • This section will examine and recommend 2 complementing products for your brand, relevant to the customer’s lifestyle, to build brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Develop 1 promotional campaign for selling these complementing products.

Section IV: The Product Promise and Guarantee

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