in 100 words answer the following

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Using the internet as your resource, find and read the case
Illinois v. Brown (
In Re
Fetus Brown
). When searching for the case, be sure to use reliable
internet resources. Most trusted sources end in .edu or .gov, but other websites
can be trusted if they seem relatively free of opinion or bias, are current, and
have a reputable author or sponsoring organization.

Then answer these 2 questions in 100 words

1. Using the Three-Step Ethical Model   Is it legal? Is it balanced? How does it make me feel? evaluate the ethical dilemma
associated with the refusal of a blood transfusion.

2. Look at this case from one of the ethical standpoint consequential approach Summarize the
ethical standpoint and use it to show how you might have come to a similar or
different decision in this case.

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