Litterature Discussion #1: Personal Narratives of Multicultural Identity by Alvarez, Hurston, Wright

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This forum invites you to share your responses to the assigned
readings: “A White Woman of Color” (Alvarez), “How It Feels to Be
Colored Me” (Hurston), and “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An
Autobiographical Sketch” (Wright). Each of these autobiographical
essays or personal narratives invokes the concept of race and/or “color”
in its title and subject, relating ideas of race, ethnicity,
self-worth, and identity to the authors’ respective communities, social
institutions, and cultures.

you read the texts, please explore each writer’s approach to her/his
race and sense of self. You should also begin to consider an author’s
style and use of literary devices to convey his/her meanings and
messages. Suggested topics to guide your reading and discussion are
provided below (Study Guide). This topic is fairly open-ended, and there are many interesting and successful ways to respond.

in the forum, be sure to label your posts and replies clearly in the
subject line, so others can follow and respond to your ideas with ease
(e.g. “Hurston: Imagery” or “Alvarez, Major Themes” and so on).

You should refer to the instructions and study guide posted below to support and guide your reading, and to prepare for the discussion posts. Your response should include textual evidence and examples (with page
numbers in parenthesis for in-text citation of prose in MLA Style) to
support and illustrate your points. You may discuss any relevant topic
and may wish to pursue one of the (optional) subjects in the study

Please be sure to provide at least two posts, covering at least two of the three assigned texts
by Alvarez, Hurston and/or Wright. You’re also welcome to
compare/contrast two of the writers in a single post, as long as you
have a specific point of comparison; however, you still need to complete
at least two distinct posts in the forum.

This forum requires a minimum of two posts and two replies to the posts of classmates.

( I have attached classmates posts)

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