Media and Politics in the Digital Era

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Please read this entire post before beginning.

Each student should complete all parts of this assignment independently. The point of the discussion forum is not to produce the responses collaboratively, but instead to be able to respond to each others work. Students will be graded individually and on the quality of their contributions to the group discussion.

Please make sure your post is in the appropriate format, i.e. post directly to the site—no attachments please. Look (again) at the system requirements and basic technical policies that are listed in the modules and the syllabus. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adhered to these technical standards and failure to do so will result in you receiving zero points for the assignment.

This is a college paper–you must adhere to the normal writing and style standards laid out in the writing guide. Poor writing will be penalized as much as good writing will be rewarded. When responding to other postings you are being evaluated based upon your insights and the ways you further the discussion. Simply responding to adhere to the deadline without achieving these goals will result in a failed grade.

The Internet has revolutionized how Americans receive their political news. How has the rise of online news changed the American media landscape and have these changes been largely negative or positive?

Make sure to couch your response based upon the material found in the reading and modules. Your initial post should be around 250-500 words in length

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