Pick a signer of the Constitution

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Pick a signer of the Constitution and reflect upon how their life and struggles impacted their decision to become both writers and signers of this historic document, and how they would compare in today’s society.

Please make your responses 200 words or more and respond to two classmates…

Please respond to respond to the following classmate discussion

Good Morning Class,

I chose James Madison for this forum. He was a key figure in the writing process of the constitution. Surveying other countries and writing drafts of the constitution till it was ready to be signed. The biggest impact I believe he had on the constitution was his willingness to never give up. He constantly wrote other delegates of other states when the idea of a constitution was not popular. Knowing his country needed a structure to stick to for the future, he continued to write his fellow country men about the importance of a constitution. Creating a documentation plan for the United States over time, through debate after debate. Originally he fought for the constitution to be signed as a Federalist. Once the constitution was ratified he began to disagree with the Federalist. Which started the Democratic-Republican party. Considering his ability to fight for what he thought was right, I believe he would still be fighting today. Not in a physical sense, but for our freedoms as human beings. I believe his spirit lives through our constitution. A constitution that lives for the freedoms of our people today. Fighting for our rights and what we believe in, just like James Madison.

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