PSY 105: Introduction To Psychology, discussion help

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It is tough to chose one research method to fit
across all situations. Lets take one of the most controversial subject today:
breastfeeding. Is “breast the best”? Correlational analysis works best in this case because over
the years researchers can associate correlations between breastfeeding and
intelligence or breastfeeding and health or other naturally
occurring situations from breastfeeding. The weakness of this research is
that we can’t draw a causal conclusion
like an experimental study would allow,
but a next experiment is not
feasible on this subject. I feel like the best method to fit across most
situations is the descriptive method, because its strength is diversity.
It gives us more room to explore by conducting surveys, case studies or just observe behavior, even if it doesn’t
let us control the variables. People love to watch
people and draw conclusions. We like “people watching,” this is why this term exists, but

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