West Coast University Week 2,3,4,5 Leadership Principle Discussion

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Complete your week 2 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: Explain public health in the context of a complex adaptive system.

Prompt 2: Describe preparedness as a universal public health concept. What issues can occur if individuals and society are not prepared?

Complete your week 3 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: How do the assessment core function, organizational practices, essential public services, and performance indicators interrelate?

Prompt 2: What is the difference between politics and policy development? In what ways can politics influence policy development?

Complete your week 4 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: What are the main barriers that public health leaders face in meeting their assurance responsibilities?

Prompt 2: Explain the relationship between the public health core functions and essential public health services in the accreditation of state and local health departments.

Complete your week 5 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: Why is it important to have a separate humanitarian response team during a crisis?

Prompt 2: Explain why an Incident Command System (ICS) is important to crisis management. What are the five basic components of the ICS structure?

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