Cuyamaca College Business Diversity Program & Human Resource Discussion

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Your initial post(250 +) should be your response to the questions posed in the discussion question. You should research your answer and cite at least one scholarly source.

  1. How would you create a business diversity program that is both pragmatic and ethical. Give an example.
  2. Should it be legal for employers to monitor the email and other communications their employees send?
  3. Explain how hostility and anger can have an effect on health, and techniques you do/would use personally to control them.
  4. Discuss emotion-centered coping and problem-centered coping, particularly the techniques you would use for each.
  5. Obstructive uropathy involves the obstruction of urine flow as it exits from the kidney toward the bladder. Answer all of the following:
  • What happens when urine backs up in the kidney?
  • What structure can put pressure on tubules causing damage?
  • When obstruction occurs is it typically unilateral or bilateral? Why or why not? 6.Describe the sequences of events from a Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterial infection and any potential consequences in a male.

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