Georgia’s Stance on Animals

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Write a paper (500-1000 words) that explores at least one component of the Georgia legislature enacted regarding animal industry, animal cruelty, or protection of animals in our state. You may choose any topic related to the statutes discussed in any of the following links.

Please browse each before determining what to write about, there are a lot of interesting things outlined that you may not know or have even thought of being applicable to animal policy (like do you know what types of animals are prohibited as exotic pets in Georgia?).…………

In your response you must specifically reference the sections of the acts or webpage above that you are discussing in your response. (Ex: 4-11-16 and 4-11-17 in the Animal Protection policy states that it is unlawful to abandon an animal and list what penalties might be incurred if an individual does so.)

You must cite your work and provide documentation about your resources or you will not receive credit – your submission will be ran through plagiarism detection software.

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