Pick a Prompt you can write well and follow requirements!

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This is for my communications 141 class that I’m currently in at UCLA.

The professor has posted the prompt and we can choose one of the 4 that works best with you and that you can write.

It needs to be: double spaced

MLA Format

12 point font

Times New Roman

cited sources at the end

Everything is on the papers I attach below.

Please let me know which prompt you will be starting and what you will need!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask as I am very easy to talk to 🙂

Thank you!!!

Movies we watched in class:

Good Night

Good Luck

Red Hollywood ……were the films we watched

Professor also emailed us:

Dear Students,

It’s also a reminder that you may (and should) use the personal pronoun “I” in your papers; it’s, after all, your paper. You may also use contractions: don’t, won’t, they’re, etc. But please remember that “it’s” is a contraction for it is. It’s not a possessive. Possessive is “its.” This is a very common error.

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