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Tripping these are the three make up assignments. since you did three bad assignments.. the powerpoint you did as well i got a low grade as well.

assignment one

Read the Foreign Policy article, “The Other War on Terror,” by Jane Harman, director, president, and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and nine-term congresswoman, (CA-D), ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee from 2002-2006. http://foreignpolicy.com/2013/05/24/the-other-war-… how terrorism and counterterrorism operations in the United States require a democratic society to respond.Intervene between radicalism and violent behaviorInstall redundant layers of intelligence operations and security measures on various targets of terroristsInstill trust and work for the hearts and minds in communities where possible radicalization may occurIntegrate a total government approach that is based on American values

assignment two ( movie )

A Civil Action

A Civil Action movie poster

A successful Boston attorney with a small firm of personal injury lawyers brings a class action suit against major corporations contaminating the water supply of the city. The other side has deep pockets that threaten the professional and financial survival of the firm, and the outcome of the case means everything. Trying to win at all costs, the partners of the firm go into deep debt. The long trial eventually forces them to accept a settlement, but it barely covers the overwhelming expenses in trying the case. The partners are broke, the law firm breaks up, and lives are in shambles.


  1. In bringing civil actions, plaintiffs are asking courts to determine the worth of a human life. What formula do we use for such a calculation?
  2. What went wrong in this film version of a real case? Who was at fault?

Assignment three (movie )

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Actor Gregory Peck plays Southern lawyer, Atticus Fitch

This classic film is about the search for justice in a small southern town. An attorney defends a black man for a crime he did not commit when the town has already determined his guilt. Lawyer Atticus Fitch and his children face many hardships due to the Great Depression and Fitch’s determination to stand for the law and his principles.

Watch To Kill a Mockingbird on SWANK (opens in new window)


  1. The difficulty of standing against racial intolerance and discrimination in the American south of the 1930’s was a serious act with far-reaching consequences.
  2. How are the actions of people in this fictional city in Alabama similar to small town life anywhere in America at that time?

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