ahm 2041 4-1 and 4-5 goals Winthrop set for the migrants to New England,How did Puritan faith shape those goals?

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  1. What goals did Winthrop set for the migrants to New England? How did Puritan faith shape those goals?
  2. Why was migration to New England necessary according to Winthrop? What did he mean by New England “shall be as a city upon a hill?”


  1. What made Bishop’s witchcraft “evident and notorious to all beholders”? Why was her witchcraft only “evident” in 1692 and not earlier when the events had apparently occurred?
  2. In what ways did Bishop act like a witch, according to her accusers? Why did they believe she caused their misfortunes rather than accident or chance?
  3. In what ways did Bishop’s gender contribute to accusations against her?

Comparative/Open ended Questions:

  1. How did the ideals of the Arbella sermon influence the testimony against Bishop?
  2. To what extent did Puritan settlers succeed in creating a “new” England in the Northern colonies during the 17th century?
  3. In what way(s) might Puritan ideals have influenced the modern “American” character? In other words, can we talk of an “American” character that can be described as “secularized Calvinism”?

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