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I need 2 pages analysis paper for “The Veldt” story. 4 paragraph for the whole thing and a perfect thesis for the story in the end of the First paragraph and should show 2 Debateable point from the Story

The first paragraph, should be a summary for the whole thing with the point that I mensioned in the Thesis. The second paragraph, is gonna talk about the 1st point that you pick from the story include 2 citation for this paragraph. The Third paragraph, is going to be like the The second Paragraph with the 2nd point you are going to pick from the story also with 2 citation. The Forth Paragraph, Is going to be your personal response about the story.

A summary with thesis at the end, analysis with quotes to prove your thesis, personal response. This is the short version of what will be your 2-page essay.

you will find The story attached to this order with more INFO.

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