Utilization Review Meeting

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In this assignment, you will take on the role of Utilization Review (UR) Coordinator at Rasmussen Hospital who is preparing for a Utilization Review Meeting.

Part 1 – Utilization Review Worksheet

As the UR Coordinator, part of your weekly duties includes determining whether or not patients need to stay a little longer in the hospital. This week you have 3 patients to evaluate.

Download the Utilization Review Worksheet, study the case for each of the 3 patients, and use the Continued Stay Criteria within the document to determine whether or not the patient should be discharged. Once you have complete the Utilization Review Form within the document, save and submit your completed worksheet.

Part 2 – Meeting Agenda

Now that you have determined the discharge status of each patient, you need to call a meeting with the CEO, Chief Medical Officer, the patients’ doctors, and the Director of Nursing to inform them of the plans. However, you also need to discuss a few more topics during the meeting: the number of discharges planned for the next week, the lack of physician documentation, Utilization Review statistics from the previous month, and coverage for your 2 week vacation.

In a separate document, prepare an agenda reflecting the 3 patients’ statuses and the topics stated above. A quick Internet search on agenda writing may be helpful to complete this task.

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