Consultation Project

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Facilitating change is one of the fundamental tasks in consultation.
To be an effective change agent, it is essential to understand the nature and challenge of change. In this
initial activity, you will examine the change process from the perspective of a consultant, as well as from the
perspective of a consultee. You will serve as a consultant to a peer in the course to address a modest
behavioral goal. You will also take the role of consultee with a different peer who will serve as your
consultant. Appropriate problems and behavioral change goals are those that are specific, small in nature,
and easily measurable. The following are problems of appropriate scale and content and the associated goals
in the areas of physical activity, time management, and diet:

Problem chosen:

I have chosen my brother to serve as a peer to address some behavioral problems the he would like to change. After talking to my brother, he decided to change his hours spending on video games and on the internet. Initially I believe the behavioral goal plan for him would be to do more physical activities in to his everyday life.

What to use:

Behavioral consultation model that includes;

1- problem identification interview (PII)

2- problem analysis interview (PAI)

3- intervention development and implantation

4- intervention evaluation interview

  • Majority of the paper should consist of a report and analysis of the consultation from your perspective as consultant
  • The final section of the paper will consist of a reflection of your experience as consultant and a consultee’s experience (based on an interview and your observation of the consultee)

This paper must be 6 pages.

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