Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner

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Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to be an effective HR or L&D practitioner.

Know how to deliver timely and effective HR/L&D services to meet users’ needs.

Be able to reflect on own practice and development needs and maintain a plan for personal development

Assessment Brief Activity 1 As guided by your tutor you will, singularly, in pairs or as a group, plan and deliver a presentation with visual aids. You should prepare your own individual presentation notes (not as a group) which should be provided for assessment.

The presentation delivery should be divided equally between each group member, and the presentation and individual presentation notes utilize the principles illustrated in the CIPD Profession Map, which can be found at

Activity 2 This is an individual activity.

You work for a growing organisation and your HR manager has decided to formalise the service offered to the organisation by publishing a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Outline a SLA for an HR or L&D department describing how to build and maintain effective service delivery.

Activity 3

1. Individually undertake a self-assessment against a specification of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of an HR or L&D practitioner. You could use the CIPD Profession Map available at… for this, and/or another specification such as your own organisation’s CPD framework. 2. From the self-assessment, identify areas you would like to develop and devise your own CPD plan. This should include at least 3 CPD options to meet your identified needs. 3. Evaluate at least 3 options to meet your identified needs and in your CPD plan clearly show which option you will undertake, explaining why you have chosen that option.

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