three peer review Failure is not an option” Apollo 13

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give each person one paragraph peer review and you can talk about what the post surprise you, and what you like it. i need all positive peer review .

1: “Failure is not an option” Apollo 13

This is a quote that has always stuck with me, ever since I was a little kid. I wanted the overall image to be one resembling a trophy and I wanted the trophy to be divided so that I should show the visual difference between success and conflict/failure. I started by cutting out images from magazines, starting with the larger photos to fill up the background, then placing the smaller ones over that to fill the space. I intentionally didn’t leave any white or negative space because this collage is about life, and life itself is a crazy mess.

The middle of this trophy is made up of smaller trophies. These smaller images have ladder-like rungs. I wanted these to symbolize the ladder of success.

I wanted the bottom images of struggle to be in box shapes, as everyone knows you have to think outside the box to be creative and successful. The top images are all free flowing and open, as well as demonstrate all different images of success, as it all means different things to different people

2.Design Statement

My quote is” Creativity comes from a conflict of Ideas” – Donatella Versace

The basic Idea of my project is a single person coming up with an artistic idea and the conflict that comes about while creating an artistic piece. I started off by cutting out a silhouette of a person from a paint magazine and I then covered it up with a tissue to make the silhouette into a blank canvas. I then cut up a series of different elements that go into making a theatrical piece. I have photos of people working on painting and building set piece. I have photos of dancers, actors and singers. This shows how even though one person may come up with an idea there are many others that come in and work to make it happen. I have a sticky note with bullet points to represent a list and a clump of feather’s to represent ideas for costumes. One of the most important photos on my collage is the photo of the ballet, it is at the top of my piece because it represents the final product. My background is a peach color, I thought it is an extremely vibrant color and it helped to get my idea’s going about how to best go about presenting my idea .Throughout my piece I have drawn a lot of different lines, the lines represent different paths and discussions that come about while creating a piece. It shows how there is not only one way of starting the creative process.. I played around a lot with different shapes and colors and I did a little bit with different textures.

3.”A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands”

I knew what direction I wanted to take this because I had a lot of chocolate wrappers laying around. I liked the idea of repurposing them. And I think they’re very aesthetically pleasing. I really like the metallic texture of them. Once I knew I wanted to use the chocolate wrappers, I found a good quote about chocolate. I cut the body pieces from magazines, but I tried to use the wrappers as much as possible. I tried to create a funny, relaxed feeling with the piece to reflect the silly quote.

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