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I need you to write up a employee (CNA)

1.She left the facility around 10:00pm to go to her other job without telling the charge nurse. Her shift ends at 11pm and is required to give report to the incoming night CNA before leaving.

2. She disrespected me the nurse, when i asked her where she was going with her bags because it was not yet the end of her shit. She stated im leaving and dont have to talk to anybody the boss is aware. She than walk out in my present and left the facility.

3. This CNA is very disrespectful, rude, take offence when eiven instrutions and and has refuse to complete tasks that were given to her. All she dies is sit around with other oc worker from her contry and speak in their laungages that only them understand.

4.Please add any thing you can think about, about writting up a very rude employee

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