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  1. An Affinity Group for Workers 60 and Over?Penelope is the vice president of HR at a large utility company, Power Energy. The company prides itself for its culturally diverse workforce, including a leadership team that is demographically and culturally diverse. One of the company initiatives for recognizing the rights of different groups are the company sponsorship of affinity groups. Power Energy affinity groups (also referred to as employee network groups) include the Latino Association, The Black Tech Workers Group, The Gay Workers Alliance, and the Lesbian Rainbows. The groups receive both encouragement and a modest financial budget from the company. Penelope is the official coordinator for these groups, and has helped each group form a charter and organize meetings. Last week she received an e-mail from five workers who have decided to form another affinity group, Power Energy employees 60 years of age and older. Skeptical of the purposes of such a group, Penelope holds a meeting with the group who is attempting to form the new affinity group, “The Splendid Seniors.” During the meeting, members of the Splendid Seniors explain to Penelope that the company has a large number of workers aged 60 and over who collectively have special interests. Ron, the leader of the group, explains that many senior workers like to talk about retirement, as well as their concerns that Power Energy might soon cut their retirement and medical benefits. Ron also pointed out that if the company can sponsor affinity groups for Latinos, Blacks, Gays, and Lesbians, the company should be willing to support a group organizing itself by age. Penelope explains to the group that an affinity group is usually reserved for Equal Opportunity Commission (EEO) protected groups such as race, gender, and sexual orientation. She also asks why outside of talk about future retirement, workers over 60 have any particular concerns that would warrant a company-sponsored affinity group. Ron replied, “I and the rest of the group are disappointed. We thought that Power Energy really believed in demographic diversity.” Penelope replied that she would give the subject of an affinity group for people 60 and over some more thought.
  1. If you were Penelope’s manager, would you have any concerns about her commitment to and understanding of cultural diversity? Why or why not?
  2. What recommendation would you give Penelope about the request to form the company sponsored affinity group “The Splendid Seniors?”
  3. What tips can you take from the case study and the Reading to improve your cultural diversity leadership skills?
  4. How does this case study add to or change your thoughts on leadership?
  5. What ideas from the case study will you add to your leadership profile?

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