Assessment presentation

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Note to Tutor: You may chose either the powerpoint presentation or the infographic which ever is your expertise

Assessment Preparation

Create a professional development plan for stakeholders to prepare them for testing. You may use presentation slides, a webpage, an infographic, an outline, or a write a paper with an introduction as well as conclusion.

Depending on the format, the length of the plan must be as follows:

  • A slide presentation must contain from 15 to 25 slides with references.
  • An infographic must include references to data that is described in the visual representation.

Elements of the Professional Development Plan need to include:

  1. Target Audience – Purpose statement and profile of stakeholders involved
  2. Timeline – Description of the professional development timeline, anticipated challenges, possible solutions, and plan approval process
  3. Resources – Description of people, finances, tools, and resources required by the plan
  4. Content Knowledge – description and brief background of what is being assessed
  5. Use of Evidence – ideas and scholarly evidence that demonstrate clear understanding of the research and theory behind the tools and techniques being used in the assessment

Connect your Professional Development Plan to the Project Plan you developed in Week 3. For example, if your project plan was to implement a new form of synchronous training and involve stakeholders in ‘rapid prototyping’ to improve that training, you might use this assignment to develop a webpage or infographic that would help inform stakeholders about the purpose of the project.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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