New social movements are defined as movements that address values, social identities, and improvements in the quality of life, discussion help

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1.Read CH.19 & answer the following question below between 200-210 words

  • New social movements are defined as movements that address values, social identities, and improvements in the quality of life. If you had the ability to mobilize resources to create a new social movement to promote or oppose social change, what social change would your movement address? Why and how?

2. Read CH.19 and respond back to post between 200-210 words

I would start a movement to reunites the people and cops, over the last few years people started to accuse all cops of been racist every time their attempt to arrest a black person resulted in the black person been shot, and while of course racism exist you can not pretend that all cops are racist and that all the people the cops were trying to arrest were innocent. People are very quick to jump up and say well the cop should of find another way or the cop was not even sure that the suspect was armed, yet what they fail to realize is that because of their job they are in constant danger and if they just sit there an extra second to contemplate the best out of an already bad situation they could die; people need to stop using the racist card to get out of uncomfortable situations and they need to stop making excuses for people just because they happen to be the same race, I saw and followed all of those cases and the suspects did at some point racist arrest or behaved in a way that made the police feel endanger. So I think that starting a movement that shows people how dangerous their jobs are and how quick thinking one must be to be a police officer, and show them how much they do for all of us on a daily basis, we can maybe start the healing process, because at the end of the day if you or I call the police they will show up to protect and defend us regardless of our skin color or nationality. We just need to be honest with ourselves and see things for how they really are and not what it would be convenient for us to be.

3.Read CH.20 and answer question between 200-210 words

There is some controversy over U.S. immigration policy. What are the benefits and costs associated with increased or decreased immigration? What effects do you think increased or decreased immigration will have on jobs, security, and culture? How might this lead to social change?

4.Read CH.20 and respond back to post between 200-210 words

immigration is such a hot topic and unfortunately I don’t think there is ever going to be a clear solution for it. I find I am on the fence when it comes to this issue. It is super annoying that my teenage son tries to go and get a normal teenage job and can’t because he isn’t bilingual. However, the Hispanic population that are able to get these same jobs are not held to the same standards. As long as they can say a few words of English they get the job. My son has 2 years of Spanish (I know it isn’t a ton) but that is not considered qualifications. However, you have the families that have immigrated to this country to try and make a better life for themselves. I get this. I would want to do the same thing if I was in that situation. I just think there needs to be a clear way for immigrants to learn to speak English if they are going to be living in America. This might sound harsh and I don’t mean it to be.

5.Read CH.21 and respond back to post between 200-210 words

In this chapter we learn about collective behavior. Collective behavior is where multiple people engage in an activity that is noninstutionalized. This means that people feel like something is important and form a group to try to dix or vring awareness to it. The next thing we learn about is social movements. Social movements are groups if people that are working towards a common goal. There are many different types of social movements just like there are many stages. One form of social movement happebs in a local place. This means that where you live there are probably movements going on wether it be spaying and neutering your pets or something to do with your town.

Another form of social movements is state movements. These kinds of movements can be like how Colorado was petitioning to make weed legal. It can also be like if a state is trying to break away from the united states. National movements are another form of social movements. A national movement is when it concerns all of the united states. One form of a national movement is the legalization of gay marriages. Global movements are ment to either help or prevent something all over the world. Global movements range anywhere from trying to prevent poverty to try to convince everyone to eat organic foods.

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