portfolio and Professional goal

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Use APA format for any references used for both questions

1. Create a document for performance expectations and controls related to a personal or professional goal for instance; ( Passing an Exam or Earning an A grade). The document may be narrative or in the form of a spreadsheet. It should contain the following:

  • Section I: Establish performance expectations. Identify and state at least one expectation of performance you have for yourself.
  • Section II: Establish controls on performance. Describe what controls or methods of monitoring performance you could use (or do use) to gather data on your performance relative to that expectation.
  • Section III: Type(s) of controls. Classify each control as a “preventative” or “feedback” control.
  • Section IV: Develop an action plan. If, when measured, your actual performance exceeded your expectation, what would you do? In contrast, if your actual performance was less than your expectation, what you would do?

2. Reflect on previous work experiences and/or current work experiences, whether good or bad and create your leadership philosophy. In addition, identify at least one leadership theory .Your leadership philosophy shall consist of (2) full pages in its entirety. Within your philosophy, be sure to address the following:

  • Personal values such as honesty, commitment, respect for others
  • Description of how you will carry out your responsibilities
  • What your priorities are
  • What you expect of your colleagues and staff and how you will evaluate them
  • What your colleagues and staff can expect of you
  • Your connection to at least one (1) leadership theory

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