Scavenger Hunt

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Using the Internet, find the answers to the following questions. If you are asked to “find a picture” or “find a copy,” then include the actual picture in your answer space. You will need to draft responses in your own words and also include the URL that links to the source where you located your answer. Each of these questions will provide some contextual background for the reading assignments you will complete in the first unit

  1. Find a copy of the famous work of art entitled Laocoon – who is the artist?
  2. Find a copy of the famous work of art entitled Venus de Milo. Where is it located now?
  3. From where did Zeus descend? Find a “family tree” of Greek gods.
  4. Find a copy of the Greek alphabet.
  5. Find three (3) common Latin phrases we still use today and define them (original meaning and how we use them today).
  6. Who were the first people to have a written language?
  7. What great American novel by author Ayn Rand is titled after mythological character Atlas? What is the story behind Atlas? Find a picture of the cover art of Rand’s novel that depicts this figure.
  8. Find a copy of the famous work of art entitled Rape of the Sabine Women (account depicted on the shield of Aeneas).
  9. How are Plato and Socrates connected? Who is the elder?
  10. What is hieroglyphic script?
  11. Find a picture that demonstrates hieroglyphics.
  12. What is the Rosetta Stone text and when was it discovered?
  13. What is the Torah? In what year was it assembled?
  14. Anything that occurred in history prior to 3000 BC is referred to as what? Why?
  15. Define polytheism.
  16. What is an epic? A national epic?
  17. Who was the Trojan War between? Over what was it fought?
  18. Name 3-4 major players in the Trojan War.
  19. Read about and summarize the legend of Remus and Romulus.
  20. What were the Punic Wars?
  21. Find a map of the Roman Empire.

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