The two main subdivisions of the peripheral nervous system

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q1: The two main subdivisions of the peripheral nervous system are the _____ nervous system and the _____ nervous system.

The greater the number of _____, the more information a neuron can receive.

q3: The autonomic nervous system is comprised of two different branches called the _____ and _____ nervous systems.

q4: How does communication in the endocrine system differ from communication in the nervous system?

q5: The cell body of a neuron:

q6: The branch of science concerned with the study of the nervous system, especially in the brain, is called:

q7: Which of the following represents the largest region of the brain?

q8: The primary communication link between the left and right cerebral hemispheres is called:

q9: Of the following brain structures, which is associated with the emotional responses of fear, disgust, and anger?

q10: The primary function of the myelin sheath is to:

q11: Like a key in a lock, the shape of the _____ must fit the _____ to affect the postsynaptic neuron.

q12: A particular neurotransmitter:

q13: _________ are to the peripheral nervous system as _________ are to the central nervous system.

q14: Processing somatosensory information is to the _______ lobe as seeing is to the _______ lobe.

q15: The ___ lobe is involved in a person’s ability to plan, initiate, and carry out vocabulary movements and actions.

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