Vargas Family Case Study: Module 2

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Read Vargas Family Case Study: Module 2. Complete a Cultural
Formulation Interview based on the “cultural formulation” section in the
DSM-5 and given the new information learned in session two of the
Vargas case study. Refer to the attached CFI form for guidance and
complete the CFI template.

Include a citation for the Cultural Formulation Interview. Solid academic writing is expected.

Part 2: Review the Vargas Family Case Study: Session Two. Write a
750-1,000-word paper in which you demonstrate how therapists apply
psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral theories to analyze the
presenting problem(s) and choose appropriate interventions.

Be sure to answer the following questions in your paper:

A. What are the two main presenting problems for the Vargas family?

B. How are the problems maintained according to:

    1. The psychoanalytic perspective?
    2. The cognitive-behavioral perspective?
    3. What interventions would you plan to use in your next session?
      • From the psychoanalytic perspective (identify and describe your plan for two interventions)
      • From the cognitive-behavioral perspective (identify and describe your plan for two interventions)

Cite at least three academic sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, books, etc.).

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