Write 2 page report following the instructions on objective 1 and 2

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With your team, based on your company scenario, submit your final formal report. For this part of the project, you will also need to prepare a presentation. Phase 4 should contain and be supported be substantial detail, explanation and support. This version of the report should be a combined version of all previous project phases including additional support. You may submit the report and any additional materials for the presentation on Blackboard.

In the report you are expected to present a compelling argument and evaluation relevant to the metropolitan area your group chose in phase 1 (Objective 1). In order to demonstrate the validity of your assertions you will be required to cite published material regarding the various issues you will discuss (Objective 2). The final portion of the report should include much more detail and evaluation compared to previous phases. Further details will be discusses during the semester.

The report should span over different domains (natural sciences, fine arts, liberal arts, for example) in order to include multiple perspectives on the subject being discussed (Objective 5).The paper should not just function as an introduction or generalized overviewof the problem, but should analyze each identified problem thoroughly and from different perspectives (Objective 3). As this paper is a group effort, the overall product will demonstrate a cohesive synergy among all group members to produce a work with a logical thread that is well developed and connected (Objective 4).

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