Complete Persuasive Speech OUTLINE TWICE

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Two STUDENTS HAVE THE SAME CLASS…so you will complete this TWICE WITH TWO DIFFERENT TOPICS…upload two separate documents/outlines once complete!

PERSUASIVE SPEECH (100 pts)Preparation Outline (20pts)

• The goal of this assignment is to move the audience to take action to stop/decrease a specific global issue happening within their nation, state, local areas/organizations – not just think differently, but do something specific. You will use the same global issue from your Informative Speech.

• The format follows Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. An example of the Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline with guidelines follows these instructions. Please do not retype the words in red as they are there just to help you understand the format. Be sure to answer the questions in blue for each main point.

Please note that you MUST answer the four objectives of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence so follow the guidelines provided or your grade will suffer! Do not make this assignment harder than what it is by trying to create more work than is necessary.

• Your Preparation Outline must be turned in before your speech will be graded! If you give your speech and your Preparation Outline has not been turned in, your speech loses one point per day until your outline is submitted.

• All documents should be typed and submitted as a Word document. There should be one inch margins, double spacing with 12pt. Times New Roman Font. There should be no grammatical or spelling errors. It should look just like the following example!!!!


Student Name



Specific Purpose:

Central Idea/Thesis:


Attention-Getter: Wake the audience up!!!! ATTENTION STAGE

Credibility Material: Share why you can speak on this topic. Establish that you have expert knowledge, trustworthiness, competency, and objectivity on the issue/topic.

Relevance to Audience: Let the audience know why they need to know your information or why it is important to listen.

Preview of Speech: Tell them your position on the topic and that you will share the problem, solutions, and actions for how they can get involved.



I. NEED STAGE: What is the problem that must be solved?

A. Prove to the audience that the issue exists and that it is a serious problem that must be solved.

B. Why does this issue/problem exist? What is one of the causes or reason why the issue/problem is happening? Describe the causes for the problems in detail and give current examples. Only focus on 1-2 potential causes.


II. SATISFACTION STAGE: What are your overall solutions to the issue/problem?

A. Describe in detail how you think the issue/problem should be solved for only the 1-2 causes of the problem you discussed in Main Point I.

B. Tell us why you think your solutions will work. Give us facts and details to back up your point of view.


III. VISUALIZATION STAGE: What will life be like with and/or without your solution?

A. Help us picture the benefits of your solution and the consequences if we do not implement your solution. If you only choose one, tell us the consequences. Be very graphic and dramatic, but realistic here. We need to feel and see the consequences!

B. Use pictures, statistics, cases/stories to illustrate your point.


IIII. ACTION STAGE: How can the audience get involved and help implement the solution?

A. Tell the audience how to get involved. Giver overall ways they can get involved and then provide simple, everyday things they can do. Give contact info for people and programs mentioned. Their involvement should directly relate to the specific solutions you covered in Main Point 2.



Audience Response Statement: Repeat the purpose of giving the speech.

Summary Statement: Summarize the main points you have just shared in the speech

WOW Statement: Memorable closing statement that ties everything together. Also, make this statement signal that you have concluded your speech.


The Preparation Outline must contain a minimum of four sources in proper APA format. There should be at least one for each main point in the BODY. The sources must be cited in the outline and under the Works Cited section. Don’t forget to use the References Tab in Word to help you with correct formatting!

When presenting your speech you must orally cite a minimum of four sources. These can be the same or in addition to the ones above. Please refer to the book for more information on how to cite sources orally.

These sources must be different from your Informative Outline!!!! DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA!!

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