DDHA 8600 Walden University Decision Making in Healthcare Essay

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What are the economic implications for contributing to physician behavior? How do you avoid roadblocks and what strategies might you use to address physician concerns with mergers/acquisitions?

As a current or future healthcare administration leader, your health services organization may participate in or engage in a merger/acquisition. While the merger/acquisition process has several implications for the health services organization itself, physicians and other healthcare staff may present challenges when completing a merger or acquisition. As the healthcare administration leader, you may be required to help bring physicians and other healthcare staff “on board” to the merger or acquisition and may be required to execute certain strategies and policies to ensure a smooth transition in healthcare delivery.

Describe and explain how healthcare administration leaders might address physician concerns when engaged in a merger or acquisition for health services organizations. Then, describe a strategy that you, as a current or future healthcare administration leader, might use to affect executive thinking for promoting a health services organization forward when challenged by physician leadership. Be specific and provide examples.3-4 pages

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