Edits for grammar, flow, lower page count, and short sentences.

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This is an Admission Statement of Purpose for Graduate School. It is more than finished,
however, I need to limit it to two double space pages. Seems it’s off
by one sentence.

Second, I need help on one part that I am unsure
of how to reference.I make reference how its
mission and leadership statement is the correct choice for me, however,
it’s mission and leadership statement is different for online students
than in class sessions. So I am unsure how to reference that.

Third, I want to put a statement of how the university
could invest in me.

Last, is just grammar help and maybe shorten
sentences.Have been getting help on the grammar and shorter sentences,
so may not be much work there.

So how much would this small assignment flat rate be?
(School and Professor are not right, just randomly wrote them so I can continue onto the next screen)

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