English Assighment *( summary and evaluation of Howard) , English homework help

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First file is the rubric that you need to follow up.
second file is my paper with my teacher’s comment.
third file is the article which you need to read before you fix my paper.
the last one is my original paper if you want to use.
ok those are my files which i need it to be fixed as the robrek is asking and you can change the thing that the teacher asked to change. also I need a page that explain how did you fix it and what do you feel after you fix the first one and the different between them.


1 Page- fix my first paper

2 page- Do as the first page put with the improvement by following professor instruction (please read the instruction carefully )

3 page – Last page is gonna explain the different between the first one and 2nd one.

I hope I expend well.


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