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i need you to write something about Obesity. You need to define what the main underlying problem is(please think it deeper, not just surface problem). Then come with 3 personal recommendations that you think could work. All content need connect with marketing, because it is a marketing course project. I post our requirement which may help you, but you do have to go into too much details. Also, citation and research are required. thanks

A) Problem Definition explains the issue/problem/opportunity in all its aspects and identifies its causes and the challenge(s) or opportunities it poses for current players in that industry. If you choose, you can select one player or brand in the industry (vs. the whole industry).

B) ResearchFindings present findings from your research in a concise and logical manner. You need to go beyond Google search and use academic and industry research. (library resources)

C) Marketing Strategy Explain 3-4 specific strategies for a current player or the industry as a whole to either better market their product or better prepare for impending changes. You may also provide specifics about introducing a new product/idea/business that will take advantage of the opportunities available.

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