USF Nurses and Social Media Medical Condition Essay

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  • Review the ANA’s Fact Sheet: Navigating the World of Social MediaLinks to an external site..
  • Review the NCSBN’s White Paper: A Nurse’s Guide to the Use of Social MediaLinks to an external site..
  • Select one of the scenarios from pages 4-7 in the NCSBN’s White Paper to focus on in this week’s assignment.
  • Create a Microsoft Word document and complete the following steps:
    • Summarize the scenario you have selected in your own words (75-100 words).
    • Explain how all parties in the scenario may be affected by the nurse’s actions (75-100 words).
    • Referring to the ANA’s Fact Sheet and the NCSBN’s White Paper, explain how the actions in the scenario violated guidelines for responsible use of social media. Provide specific examples from both documents to support your explanation (100-150 words).
    • Copy the following citations for both the ANA’s Fact Sheet and the NCSBN’s White Paper in your document below your response. Format the citations so that they match the rest of the document, and add hanging indents for lines that follow the first in each citation per APA formatting.
  • Format and proofread your paper:
    • 12-point, Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced lines
    • 1″ margins
    • Hanging indents where needed in citations
    • No errors in grammar and mechanics

Resource Citations

ANA. (2011). Fact sheet: Navigating the world of social media. Retrieved from…

NCSBN. (2011). White paper: A nurse’s guide to the use of social media. Retrieved from

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