SCI 162 Final Exam

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This file of SCI 162 Final Exam shows the solutions to the following questions:

1. Which of the following is true about communication patterns between men and women?2. According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, attraction and falling in love follow a pattern based3. Ben and Melissa have a very strong relationship where they are able to give and receive emotionally to one another without a fear of rejection or being hurt. This example demonstrates Ben and Melissa4. Which one of the following is characteristic of intimate relationships?5. All of the following are fundamental elements of trust, EXCEPT:6. Terms such as behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, and emotional availability describe which type of relationship?7. Medications that may decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives include8. One main advantage of the sponge as a contraceptive device is9. Which one of the following is not true about condoms?10. According to Sternberg

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