Strategic Plan

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I need help with my strategic plan. I need 6 pages and, I have attached the Strategic Plan Information, Directions and a Sample Paper. please find the attached files.

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Strategic Plan
HCA 442: Prin/Methods Healthcare Planning Spring 2017 HCA 442 Requirements and Evaluation of Strategic Plan Writing Each student will develop a strategic plan that highlights specific issues in the strategic management and marketing of a healthcare organization of his/her choice. The strategic plan will increase the student’s critical perspectives, awareness, and knowledge in the course subject area. Students may consult with me individually anytime during your paper writing. The mini strategic plan must include the following; Introduction and overview of the organization selected What are the mission, vision and values of the organization? Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the organization. Research for information on the organization. Identify two areas for improvement based on the SWOT analysis and develop two strategic goals Outline short term/long terms objectives and what steps and procedures would be necessary for achieving these objectives? How you will evaluate/control each strategy (and thus each objective) in your plan. How will you know whether your strategy/objective is on target? Who will be responsible? Keep in mind that resources may be scarce or limited. If you plan to do something, make sure that you are considering costs/expenses and also how you will finance such activities. Describe two approaches to marketing or promoting these goals within the organization or to the community/service area. GRADING CRITERIA Format/Layout      General presentation, cover page, organization, margins, page numbers 10 Content/Information    Introduction and Background on Facility 10 Mission, Vision, Values SWOT Analysis 20 Strategic Goals Short & Long Term Objectives Action steps and Evaluation Ideas for Marketing/Promotion Are the strategic goals, objectives, action steps clear and connected Quality of Writing    Clarity of bullet points, sentences and/or paragraphs 10 Zero errors with spelling, grammar and use of English 10 Organization and coherence of ideas, fluency, sequencing 10 Total 100
Strategic Plan
1 Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Franklin Woods Family Birthing Center 2 Strategic Plan Introduction and Background on Facility Franklin Woods Community Hospital and Birthing Center is located at 300 MedTech Parkway in Johnson City, TN 37604 . Franklin Woods Community Hospital and Birthing Center is not a stand -alone health care organization. It is part of Mountain States Health Alliance. Franklin Woods is approximately 240,000 squar e feet. It opened in 2010 on a 25 -acre lot, located inside Med Tech Park, adjacent to the Wellness Center. It is a not -for -profit organization, and has 80 -beds. Franklin Woods is dedicated to bringing quality health care home to East Tennessee. This is the first green hospit al in the state, meaning that it offers a full array of primary care and some specialty services. It also received the 2014 Premier Quest Award for High -Value Healthcare . The Family Birthing Center at Franklin Woods Community Hospital has 20 private rooms, 12 of which are designed for labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum stays. The remaining eight rooms serve to care for gynecology patients. Services at Franklin Woods Community Hospital and Birthing Center include : labor, delivery, and recovery; postpartum stays; gynecology; 16 bassinet nursery; first aid program for parents; breast -feeding classes; sibling classes; two operating caesarean section rooms . 3 Strategic Plan Mission , Vision, and Values Mission Statement: Mountain States Health Alliance is committed to Bringing Loving Care to Health Care. We exist to identify and respond to the health care needs of individuals and communities in our region and to assist them in attaining their highest possible level of health. Vision Statement: We passionately pursue healing of the mind, body and spirit as we create a world -class healthcare system. Values: Integrity… honesty in everything we do Service… with caring and compassion Leadership… with creativity and innovation Excellence… always pursuing a higher standard Mountain States Philosophy: Mountain States Health Alliance team members as caregivers create relationships, environments and service delivery centered on the patient through a holistic approach to healing that ministers to the mind, body and spirit. Mountain States caregivers believe that h ealing can exist without curing, but healing cannot exist without caring. 4 Strategic Plan SWOT Analysis Strengths:  Part of Mountain States Health Alliance  State of the art Birthing Facility  First green hospital in the state  Caring staff  High expectations for employees  Production increasing technology saving time and steps  Open affiliation with other organizations Weaknesses:  Dependent facility  Do not have strong mission and vision statements  Implementing technology  Staff are not willing to comply with high technology such as Vocera  Wait time for care  Early deliveries above Tennessee average Opportunity:  First green hospital in the state  25 acre lot/room for growth  Accepts financial donations  Public health outreach  Part of Mountain States Health Alliance  20 new private rooms in Birthing Center  Not for profit organization  Partnering with Wellmont Health Systems Threats:  Competition with private practices  Affordable Care Act  Some people prefer a midwife facility over a birthing center  Patient and third party reimbursement rates (or lack thereof) 5 Strategic Plan Goal 1: Decrease the number of early deliveries by at least 1% in order to meet the Tennessee Average. Strategy: In order to evaluate and control this goal, we would chart and refer back to previous Hospital Compare percentages to track our progress. We will know that we are on target if the Tennessee average percentage is equal to our percentage, and i f we are not on track we will know to make improvements. The Birthing Center Department Head will be in charge of charting and tracking progress. Action: Improve the use of technology in order to better identify the exact progression of the pregnancy. Action: Improve t he technology training that employees receive on a regular basis (quarterly), to better identify the exact progression of the pregnancy. Short Term Objective: Identify reasons for early delivery scheduling. Improve the use of technology in identifying how many weeks along the pregnancy is in order to properly schedule a delivery date. Long Term Objective: Implement a strategy to use technology in identifying the age of the fetus and reduce early deliveries by at least 1% to meet the Tennessee Average. Finan cial: In regards to using technology, our plan will include estimated funds to update the current software we already use. We will also allocate funds to train current staff members with the new software so that we can work more efficiently. The staff will be paid regular hourly wages for the time they spend in our training program. Instead of including these responsibilities into the department heads duties we plan to use one of the department’s interns specifically for monitoring our improvements in compa rison to the Tennessee average. 6 Strategic Plan According to Hospital Compare, patients in the Emergency Department of Franklin Woods wait an average of 24 minutes before being seen by a Health Care professional, whereas patients wait an average of 15 minutes at John son City Medical Center. Goal 2: Reduce wait time from 24 minutes to 15 minutes or less to match a competitor. Strategy: In order to evaluate and control this goal, we would create an online system where the current wait times and check -in activity is tracked in real time and accessible to all staff. The nursing receptionist would be responsible for input and would be overse en by the Director of Nursing . This strategy would hold the staff accountable and allow us to see whether or not we are on target. Action: Review and improve current check -in process, and evaluate and implement changes as needed to make this process most e fficient. Short Term Objective: Identify the “time wasters” in the Emergency Department. Review the check in process and speak to Health Care providers to find out the cause of the lag in service. Is it a lack of technology? Is our staff unsure of the curr ent process being used? Do we not have the necessary materials available to treat patients? Long Term Objective: After a leading cause is identified, implement a strategic process to improve the flow o f patients from check -in to actually seeing a Health Ca re provider. Reduce the wait time to 15 minutes or less. Financial: We will install new equipment in order to monitor present wait times and check -in availability. We will also allocate funds (approximately $1.25) for the nursing receptionist, who will be in charge of monitoring and input for the system. In addition, we have decided to rent a popular electronic billboard off of I26 to let the public know wait times. We have allocated $2,000 per month for a Quarter to see how much impact this change makes fo r our patients. 7 Strategic Plan According to Hospital Compare, patients of Franklin Woods Hospital claimed that their doctors “Always” communicated with them well 80% of the time, whereas the Tennessee average is 84% of the time. Goal 3: Improve communication and rel ationships between doctors and patients so that the patient is always clear on the care they are being given. Improve survey results to at least 84% to meet the Tennessee average. Strategy: To evaluate and control this goal, the Administrator would hold a seminar with doctors to improve awareness of physician/patient communication problems. The Administrator would provide training and statistics to encourage better communication with their patients. We would frequently check Hospital Compare and evaluate ou r progress against the Tennessee average of 84%. Action: Hold 3 seminar s with doctors to improve awareness of physician/patient communication problems and provide training and statistics to encourage better communication with patients. The doctors are most likely cap able of this communication, but these seminar could incite passion to improve the quality of care for these patients. The advantage of 3 seminars will help us train doctors at a faster rate while allowing for easier scheduling. Short Term Objec tive: Speak with doctors and identify the cause of the lack of communication. Are they pressed for time? Are they unable to thoroughly explain care in common language? Are they aware of this problem with communication? Long Term Objective: Create and imple ment a strategic plan to address the lack of/ineffective communication between doctors and patients. Find ways to free up their time and hold workshops to improve communication skills. Improve survey results from 80% to 84%. Financial: We have allocated funds to pay each attendee his or her hourly pay during each seminar. Lunch for each seminar will be provided at the cost of our department and provided by the hospital cafeteria to minimize cost. The healthcare administrator will be in charge of monitoring survey results at no extra cost to our department.

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